Coffee Products has spent over three decades in the coffee distribution business, serving clients of all shapes and sizes throughout South Florida.

There are two things that every functional office from South Dade to Palm Beach absolutely requires – one is more toner for the copier the other is fresh, delicious coffee. There has to be coffee for the meeting at 11 o’clock. And wherever there is coffee, there has to be a thoughtful team of professionals ensuring the brew is fresh, the sugar is full and that there are enough of those stirry things no one knows the real name of, available at all times.

We have partnered with top national coffee chains, familiar supermarket brands and well-regarded local roasters to develop a broad portfolio of coffees in a variety of formats to meet the needs of most office environments, as well as the expectations of the most discerning palettes.

Coffee is serious business, and choosing between South Florida coffee distributors can be an arduous task, but you can take a lot of the work out of the job by entrusting your office coffee supply needs to an experienced purveyor of quality coffee products, such as

Whole Bean Coffee

There is something truly remarkable about the scent of freshly ground coffee – the sound of beans being ground is enough to give some people a tiny jolt of hopeful energy. Whether it’s a press, pour-over, simple drip or old-school percolator, whole beans are the start of it all – first step in a chain of events that sets our day in motion and keeps things flowing nicely along. Having whole bean coffee available for meetings, special events or general consumption brings an air of sophistication to your office culture.

Because coffee loving people are often fickle, you will need to seek out coffee distributors with a broad selection of roasts and specialist flavors to keep their taste buds tantalized. Lucky for you, at, we do not stop with just a couple best-selling bags from national chain shops, rather we bring you a bounty of whole bean blends from coffee shop industry titans like Starbucks and Peets along with our own select Java Café whole bean coffees. With scores of whole bean coffee varieties to choose from, your office break room will be buzzing along in no time.

Coffee Pods

If whole bean coffee is intimidating for you in terms of potential cleanup issues, waste, storage or general quality control on a day-to-day basis, coffee pods may be a better solution for your office break room. Coffee pods allow for the convenience of single-serve brewing with pre-measured doses of South Florida’s favorite coffees – from Donut Shop’s wide assortment of flavored coffee pods, to gourmet delights from the kitchen of Wolfgang Puck and a solid selection of Reunion Island coffee pods, including the much-preferred Swiss water process decaffeinated coffee pods and a number of flavored decaf pods.

As a long-standing market leader among coffee distributors, our in-house Java Café range has more than a dozen coffee pod varieties to choose from, including: flavored varieties like Java Café, Coconut Crème and Pacific Northwest Hazelnut coffee pods; regional gems like Java Café Guatemalan Asado Perfecto and Kenyan AA Kubwa Maharage coffee pods; and, sophisticated blends such as the simple Black dark roast coffee pods. Java Café also produces seasonal coffee pod varieties for a regular burst of new flavor throughout the year.

K-Cup Packs

Little speaks to the custom coffee revolution as perfectly as the humble K-Cup Pack. Allowing people to pick a single flavor, roast or blend that fulfills their exact thirst at the point of demand, K-Cup packs provide what few in-house coffee brands can offer: true user choice. In a world where everyone wants their exact blend, their preferred roast, their ideal cup – satisfying the thirst of coffee drinkers is no simple task, and good coffee distributors are well aware that they are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between a satisfied, coffee-fueled workforce and bedlam.’s K-Cup Pack offering includes more than 100 varieties of single-serve satisfaction from top national brands including Green Mountain and Caribou Coffee. As well-regarded coffee distributors throughout the South Florida area, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone, including: quirky flavor combinations like Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee; powerful roasts like Coffee People’s Jet Fuel – the only K-Cup Pack with an XX Bold rating (that means extra extra bold to you and me); and of course, home favorites like Emeril’s Big Easy Bold and Tully’s Breakfast Blend.

Keurig® BOLT Packs

For the office where fraction packs are a great solution, but time is everything, Keurig® has brought an amazing new solution to the market – the BOLT Pack. Similar to the popular, single-serve K-Cup Pack, BOLT Packs are individually sealed for freshness, and provide a metered dose of exactly the right amount of coffee for each use, but BOLT Packs are designed to brew an entire 64-ounce pot of your favorite coffee in about two minutes. Yes, really.

BOLT Brewers provide a thermal carafe that will keep your fresh coffee at the optimal temperature for up to two hours – meaning even the folks who show up late for that 9 a.m. earnings call will get a hot, fresh cup of Joe to help kick start their day. Keurig® BOLT Packs are available in more than a dozen of the most popular flavors and varieties that single-serve K-Cups come in already, from Tully’s French Roast to Green Mountain’s ever-popular French Vanilla, and Keurig® plans to expand that product offering as the BOLT system gains popularity in office and other workplace settings. Keurig® BOLT Packs are only available through Keurig®’s network of authorized coffee distributors, and luckily is here to help meet all your Keurig® needs.


While it is easy to lump all the single-serve brewing units together, we would rather be sure our customers understand what sets each brand apart so they can make informed choices about how to best meet the coffee-related needs of their workforce. Flavia is different – having exclusive coffee blends and single-source varieties from Milwaukee’s much-loved Alterra coffee. Coffee distributors embraced the Flavia model early on, and it has remained popular with every office due to its flexibility and convenience.

Users are able to make their own personalized “perfect coffee”, selecting a seasonal hit of Pumpkin Spice or a rich, seductive Sumatra to brewing the freshest single-serve cup on offer. Making luxurious layered cappuccinos is easy with a few quick clicks at the low-power LED display, allowing users to get that quick caffeine hit – no in-house barista required.

Coffee Accessories

The true beauty of partnering with top coffee distributors like is that we are able to provide everything your office break room needs to ensure the coffee demands of your workforce are met. More than traditional coffee filters, we offer a wide selection of racks and trays to keep your K-Cups, coffee pouches and other beverage packets tidy and organized.

For the office where environmental concerns are paramount, we are also pleased to offer Grounds to Grow On receptacles to help manage the waste generated by K-Cups, as well as recycle bins for Flavia and Fresh Pack containers. We even have reusable K-Cup filters so those staff members wishing to use their own coffee grounds can still brew using your workplace machine with ease, without adding to landfills.

From cleansers to ensure your coffee cups and carafes are dazzlingly fresh to replacement decanters for those hard-working machines, is ready to provide everything you need to make your office coffee experience more complete. A solid selection of creamers, sweeteners, flavors, cups and sleeves can be easily delivered right to the break room area – taking the hassle out of packing it all back from your local cash and carry, while at the same time giving you more finite control over inventory management and reordering. And yes, we’ll even bring those little stirry things.

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