Colibri LX12





Fresh Bean Grinders by Colibri

“Corporate America” has a new option for their beverage system.


The Colibri Lx, Brio 250+ & the Kikko, Automatic Coffee Brewers. These state of the art coffee brewers, brew a single cup of your favorite hot drink. They can make over 12 selections including Regular & Decaf Coffee, Cappuccino, a Cafe Latte, a Cafe Mocha, a single or double shot of Espresso, a Hot Cocoa, and a flavored Cappuccino!

All regular coffee drinks are made fresh, from whole coffee beans, ground & portioned for each cup. Decaf coffee is pre-ground. These machines can even dispense the cup for you! Your favorite drink in less than 20 seconds. The Colibri Lx, can make approximately 165 drinks & the Brio has the capacity to make approximately 270 drinks, before any refilling of product is needed. The Kikko has a capacity of approximately 375 drinks.

The Necta Corp. manufactures the Colibri LX, Brio 250+ & the Kikko automatic coffee brewers in Italy. The European business community has long embraced these machines as the leading coffee brewing systems for commercial “multi choice single cup” machines available today. The huge success of the machines is based on the high quality of the finished product that they deliver, cup after cup. The coffee drinks rival any coffee cafe. Combine this with the extremely reliable performance of this uniquely designed piece of equipment, and you have an easy answer to “What coffee equipment should we put in our office break room?


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