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The Colibri LX12 is a single-cup machine that is fed by hoppers. It can also brew full carafes. There are 5 product canisters - one each for coffee beans, ground coffee, powdered milk, French vanilla, and cocoa. Each canister holds between 1.2 - 3.5 pounds of product. In combination, these canisters can produce a wide range of delicious hot drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and cafe mocha.

If the bean coffee selection is chosen, the Colibri LX will grind the beans and brew your cup of coffee, with no effort required. The machine plumbs-in to your existing water line.

As with all single-cup brewers, some of the biggest advantages include no leftover waste, and little-to-no preparation or clean-up. Two advantages specific to the Colibri over its competitors are a short brew time and no paper filters.

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Brio3 Black

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Dimensions 16″W, 29.5″H, 19.3″D, 80 lbs
Cups Per Brew 1 Cup
Initial Brew Quality Excellent, but can vary
Minutes of Freshness Fresh cup on demand
Recommended Population 50+ People
Non-Coffee Beverages Cocoa, Whipped Drinks
Variety of Selections 8
Time to Brew 35-45 Seconds
Plumbed-In or Pour-Over? Plumbed-In