Single Serve Coffee Pods for Office Java Cafe

Single Serve Coffee Pods for Offices

Hot Coffee Service offers single serve coffee pods from Java Cafe, Donut Shop, Wolfgang Puck and Reunion Island. Experience less waste, mess & more flavor.

A SIngle Serve Pod is coffee or tea that is sealed inside filter paper. They have a round, flat shape and are usually soft and pliable. They are sometimes individually wrapped in foil or just packed loose in a larger resealable bag. Pods are also known as coffee pads.

Coffee pods offer better coffee extraction, more aroma while brewing and less packaging waste than other brewing options.

Coffee Pod Flavors for Businesses

Java Café Coconut Creme
Java Café Pacific Northwest Hazelnut
Java Café Guatemalan Asado Perecto
Java Café Kenyan AA Kubwa Maharage
Java Café Black Dark Roast
The Original Donut Blend Decaf
The Original Donut Chocolate Buttercrunch
The Original Donut Shop French Caramel
The Original Donut Shop French Vanilla
The Original Donut Shop Original Dark
The Original Donut Shop Original Roast
Reunion Island Columbia Las Hermosas
Reunion Island Firefly DECAF
Reunion Island Island Reserve
Reunion Island Kona Blend
Reunion Island Privateer Dark
Reunion Island Sumutra Ketambe
Reunion Island Sunday Morning
Wolfgang Puck Caramel Cream
Wolfgang Puck Chef's Reserve
Wolfgang Puck Chef's Reserve Decaf
Wolfgang Puck Colombian FTO
Wolfgang Puck Espresso
Wolfgang Puck Extra Bold Breakfast in Bed
Wolfgang Puck Extra Bold Espresso Forzuto
Wolfgang Puck Extra Bold Noir
Wolfgang Puck Oktober Spice
Wolfgang Puck French Vanilla
Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut
Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy
Wolfgang Puck  Provence French
Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive
Wolfgang Puck Salted Caramel Mocha
Wolfgang Puck South Pacific Dark
Wolfgang Puck Sumutra Kopi Raya
Wolfgang Puck Toscana
Wolfgang Puck Vanilla French Toast
Wolfgang Puck Vienna Coffee House

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