Necta Colibro LX Office Coffee Machine

Necta Colibri LX Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

For offices with 25 to 70 employees, the Colibri LX Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is a great choice for a single cup system, with no hassle or mess.

Serve coffee and other gourmet beverages such as a creamy cappuccino and a decadent café mocha in a compact footprint just 16inW x 19.25inD x 29.5inH. Offer single or double shots with beautiful crema.


  • Both whole bean and ground coffee create less waste
  • Does not use plastic discs that clog our landfills
  • Coffee grounds can be used as compost

Great Single Cup Coffee Machine for Small to Mid-sized Offices

  1. Versatile
    Whole bean and ground coffee with 12 beverage selections.
  2. Easy to Use
    Dual whippers, electronic mug sensor and an automatic rinse cycle make the Colibri LX a breeze to use.
  3. Coffee and Tea Selections
    Black Coffee
    Decaf Black Coffee
    Coffee W/Cream
    Decaf Coffee W/Cream
    Decaf Cappuccino
    Café Mocha
    Decaf Café Mocha
    Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate W/Cream
    French Vanilla
    Hot Water
Whole Bean Coffee for Office

The Colibri LX Uses Whole Bean Coffee and Ground Coffee offers the highest quality whole bean coffee blends for your office from Starbucks, Peet's Coffee and our own select Java Café. We also offer the highest quality ground coffee for your office from Maxwell House, Folgers, Starbucks, Cafe Pilon, and Empire, our 100% Columbian house brand.

The Colibri LX Requires Water Connection

As part of the machine installation and setup, will connect your new office coffee machine to your water line.* We also provide and install a .5 micron pure water filter at no charge for the best tasting coffee. The first filter is free and we will change out the filters when needed. Replacement filters will be billed to your account.

We also recommend that you purchase an emergency water shutoff to prevent possible water damage from a leak. We will provide and install a shutoff for you for a one time fee of $79.

*Water line must be in reasonable proximity to machine and NOT behind a fire wall.

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