Nunn Dual BrewWISE Office Coffee Machine

Bunn Dual BrewWISE ThermoFresh DBC Coffee Brewer

Digitally controlled Bunn Dual BrewWISE Coffee Brewer with insulated ThermoFresh servers. Keep beverages at optimal flavor profile temperature for hours.


  • Brews 16.3 to 18.9gal of Perfect Coffee Per Hour
  • Coffee Extraction Controlled with Pre-infusion and Pulse Brew, Digital Temperature Control, and Large Sprayhead
  • Coffee Strength Controlled with Variable By-pass
  • Stores Individual Coffee Recipes so Operator can Easily Brew many Varieties
  • SplashGuard Funnels Deflect Hot Liquids away from Hands
  • Energy Saver Mode Reduces Tank Temperature during Idle Periods
  • ThermoFresh Servers are Vacuum Insulated to keep Coffee Hot for Hours

The High Capacity Coffee Brewer for the Office

  1. Consistent Brewing
    Up to 18.9 gallons of hot coffee per hour.
  2. Thermal Ready
    Brew in 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon or 1.5 gallon batches
  3. Hot Water Faucet
    Hot water on demand for hot chocolate, tea or instant soups
  4. Pre-infusion
    Ground coffee absorbs water and swells to more easily penetrate and extract coffee flavors
  5. Digital Display
    Choose Engish or Spanish language and English or Metric measurements
Ground Coffee for Offices

The Bunn Dual BrewWISE Uses Ground Coffee offers the highest quality ground coffee for your office from Maxwell House, Folgers, Starbucks, Cafe Pilon, and Empire, our 100% Columbian house brand.

The Bunn Dual BrewWISE Requires Water Connection

As part of the machine installation and setup, will connect your new office coffee machine to your water line.* We also provide and install a .5 micron pure water filter at no charge for the best tasting coffee. The first filter is free and we will change out the filters when needed. Replacement filters will be billed to your account.

We also recommend that you purchase an emergency water shutoff to prevent possible water damage from a leak. We will provide and install a shutoff for you for a one time fee of $79.

*Water line must be in reasonable proximity to machine and NOT behind a fire wall.

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