AquaCafé CT

The AquaCafé CT offers single serve, countertop brewing of coffees and teas in about 45 seconds from disposable PODS.

This is one of the smallest high quality office coffee machines with a compact footprint just 11.5inW x 18inD x 16inH.


  • Single serve coffee and tea, and hot water for maximum versatility
  • One-touch extra hot water dispensing feature for tea or noodles
  • Multiple cup sizes easily set to volumes up to 16 oz.
  • A variety of pod flavors satisfy individual preferences
  • Touch screen for simple, one-touch operation and for easily setting and changing system features
  • Auto Eject of your used POD into an integrated trash bin that holds up to 30 used pods
  • Set brew temperatures for the perfect brew every time
  • Fold-down drip tray accommodates a variety of containers

Why Single Serve POD Coffee for the Office

  1. Superior Flavor and Robustness
  2. Up to 12 grams of Fresh Ground Coffee
  3. Higher Brew Temperature for Superior Extraction
  4. No Residual Plastic Taste in Your Beverage
  5. Environmentally Responsible
  6. Compostable. Decomposes in Landfills
  7. No Product Losses from Employee Home Consumption
Single Serve Coffee Pods for Office Java Cafe

The AquaCafé CT Uses Coffee PODS offers the highest quality whole bean coffee blends for your office from Starbucks, Peet's Coffee and our own select Java Café.

The AquaCafé CT Requires Water Connection

As part of the machine installation and setup, will connect your new office coffee machine to your water line*. We also provide and install a .5 micron pure water filter at no charge for the best tasting coffee. The first filter is free and we will change out the filters when needed. Replacement filters will be billed to your account.

We also recommend that you purchase an emergency water shutoff to prevent possible water damage from a leak. We will provide and install a shutoff for you for a one time fee of $79.

*Water line must be in reasonable proximity to machine and NOT behind a fire wall.

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