Whole Bean Coffee for Office

Whole Bean Coffee for Offices

Hot Coffee Service offers a variety of the best whole bean coffees from Starbucks, Peets and Jave Cafe for offices and businesses with premium coffee enthusiasts.

There is something truly remarkable about the scent of freshly ground coffee – the sound of beans being ground is enough to give some people a tiny jolt of hopeful energy. Whether it’s a press, pour-over, simple drip or old-school percolator, whole beans are the start of it all – first step in a chain of events that sets our day in motion and keeps things flowing nicely along. Having whole bean coffee available for meetings, special events or general consumption brings an air of sophistication to your office culture.

If whole beans are properly stored, a cup of coffee brewed using whole beans grinded just before use is the freshest way to consume coffee. Another benefit of whole bean coffee is you can grind your beans for a different brew method each time, depending on what you’re craving.

Starbucks Office Coffee Machine and Office Coffees

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee for Businesses

Starbucks Reserve
Sun-Dried Papua New Guinea Ulya
Jamaica Blue Mountain
Rainshine Blend - Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm
Rwanda Abakundakawa

Blonde Roast
Veranda Blend
Blonde Espresso Roast

Medium Roast
Passport Series: West Java
Siren's Blend
Guatemala Antigua
Organic Yukon Blend

Dark Roast
Decaf Sumatra
Passport Series: Anniversary Blend
Caffe Verona
Espresso Roast
Italian Roast
Komodo Dragon Blend

Peets Coffee Logo

Peet's Coffee Whole Bean Coffee for Businesses

Anniversary 2020
Major Dickason's Blend
Decaf Major Dickason's Blend
House Blend
French Roast
Arabian Mocha-Java
Guatemala San Sebastian
Cafe Domingo
Columbia Luminosa

Java Cafe

Java Café Whole Bean Coffee for Businesses

Java Café 100% Colombian

Bean-to-Cup Office Coffee Machines

The following coffee machines offered by HotCoffeeService.com contain built in grinders for making coffee from whole beans.

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