Bunn LCA-2LP Office Coffee Machine

Bunn LCA-2 LP Low Profile 2 Product Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser

The Bunn LCA-2 LP Low Profile 2 Product Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser offers low-to-medium volume coffee-on-demand with shelf stable products.

Serve two coffee products and hot water in a compact footprint just 15.6inW x 22.3inD x 23.2inH.


  • Attractive Appearance with Shorter Profile
  • Accomodates Two 1/2gal Bag-in-Box Containers
  • Setup for Continous Dispence (by the Cup) for Self-serve or Portion Control to Fill Cups or Carafes
  • Refill and Rinse LED Lights Alert Operator for Concentrate or Cleaning

The Liquid Coffee Machine for the Office

  1. Two Dispense Heads
    Dispenses up to 120 5-oz cups per hour with a dispense ratio of 25:1 to 100:1
  2. Ambient Storage of Coffee
    0.5 gallon bag-in-box coffee does not require refrigerated storage
  3. Low Profile
    Plenty of room of overhead shelving to hold sugar, creamers and more

The Bunn LCA-2 LP Uses Liquid Coffee Concentrate

HotOfficeCoffee.com offers the highest quality liquid coffee blends for your office from Cafe Arisa.

The Bunn LCA-2 LP Requires Water Connection

As part of the machine installation and setup, HotCoffeeService.com will connect your new office coffee machine to your water line.* We also provide and install a .5 micron pure water filter at no charge for the best tasting coffee. The first filter is free and we will change out the filters when needed. Replacement filters will be billed to your account.

We also recommend that you purchase an emergency water shutoff to prevent possible water damage from a leak. We will provide and install a shutoff for you for a one time fee of $79.

*Water line must be in reasonable proximity to machine and NOT behind a fire wall.

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